As the world rapidly approaches 8 billion people, trying to squeeze 1.3 billion tonnes of annual waste (projected to soar to 4 billion tonnes by 2100) into overflowing landfills is no easy task. In fact a lot of our waste ends up in our environment where it can impact on wildlife and take thousands and thousands of years to break down. But we can all take steps to minimise the amount of waste we create, by swapping single-use items for ones that are more durable.

With this in mind have asked our property owners to consider moving away from the single use bathroom products that are currently provided at each property clean. I have found a wonderful company called Two Good Co. Two Good Co is an Australian social enterprise designed to support local communities. Products are 100% Australian made using wholesome, natural ingredients. Each product purchased supports shelters and services for domestic abuse survivors.

I have reached out to our owners and have received overwhelming support in moving away from the single use products and we are beginning to phase in the Two Good Co  refillable pump dispensers.   We believe even these small things can help if everyone gets on board.

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